Dangal Games - CSR - Wishes and Blessings

Given the current education crisis in our country, Dangal Games decided to do its part by collaborating with an NGO working towards the education and nutritional development of underprivileged children, Wishes and Blessings.

In the year 2019, we initiated our journey with Wishes and Blessings and collaborated towards educating 5 underprivileged girls under the “Street to School Programme”. Here, our kids are offered the opportunity to learn and grow as self-sufficient individuals. With a blend of formal education and arts, we aim to provide a space that is safe and nurturing.

What’s more, we take care of the nutritional needs of the girls by providing 3 daily meals under the “Daily Meals Programme” at Wishes and Blessings. In this way, the kids bloom to their complete potential and grow a happier and wholesome outlook towards life.

Thanks to our partners at Wishes and Blessings, Dangal Games is contributing towards creating brighter and healthier minds.