Play & Work mixed just right

Getting to mix a little play in work is what life at Dangal Games comes with. A strong sense of building & giving out only the best of experiences to Dangal Family is what keeps team Dangal united in our mission of “Redefining online gaming in India”. Our dynamic team comprises an impassioned group of techies, marketers, brand managers, designers, analysts, social media savvies, customer support reps, business developers etc putting their heads together behind the scenes to bring alive the favourite games of Indian gamers on their screens. Keeping current with trends be it in our technology, features, campaigns or communication always comes first to each one of us. And no wonder! Any idea which has the potential to have even the slightest bearing on our audience goes through multi-level checks & trials before it’s considered for execution. This team just doesn’t take it easy when it comes to the tiniest of aberrations in the gameplay & leads with service-first values. We play it first so India plays it best!

Come work with us

Already decided that Dangal Games is your next stop? Then don’t wait too long & send in your resume with a lively cover letter to hr@dangalgames.com