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Poker Sequence: Highest to Lowest Poker Hand Rankings

Poker card game is one popular skill based game that is loved by abundance of audience. It is one game that is really interesting and catchy to any user or a card game lover. Just play it with skills and have the most entertaining time with the game. So, have your basic understanding about the Poker hand and Poker sequence to make your big rewards and also have a good time! If you are a newbie to the game, then you should pay special attention to the Poker hand and poker sequence so that you have a good game with some new users.

Poker Sequence

If you know, you would know that the poker hand rankings go on a varied number with 52 cards and in a poker game with wildcards. The 10 poker hand are used to explain and describe all the poker hand rankings. These poker hand rankings are made up of the poker sequence, pairs, some triplets and also cards of a similar suit. Royal Flush is the highest one among the top poker hand rankings and then comes the Straight Flush. Here comes the “four of a kind” which comes on the third number among all the poker hand winnings. Then there is Full House and then is the Flush Poker following it. Let us know more about these Poker terms which will make you understand better about the Poker hand and poker sequence while playing the Poker online game.

Poker Hand Ranking Sequence

Royal Flush

You should definitely know that the Royal Flush is the highest one among the poker hands and poker hand rankings. It is one unique and interesting poker sequence which is a combination of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten from the same suit. Also, if you know that there in only 0.000154% probability of getting it. It is one invincible poker hand and still the rarest of all because any player who possesses it cannot be beaten in any of the circumstances. It is one heavy of all and is a number one for a reason! It is one important one when you indulge in the Poker online game.

Straight Flush

It comes on the second number in poker hand rankings. You can also find it difficult to have it in your game. In this poker sequence combination, it features five suited cards in increasing the numerical poker sequence in the game. You should know, that what is the probability of getting the straight flush in your game? It is 0.00139% that you can get this in the poker online game. Also, technically this poker hand can only be beaten by the Royal Flush in the game. So, good luck for your game and get started with the game. Let us see if you can get one or not!

Four of a Kind

This comes on the third number in the poker hand list. Generally, it involves exactly four cards that too of the same rank plus any one random card for the poker sequence. Also, there is 0.0240% chances of getting it in the game. You can have it and have the decision for your winner in the game.

Full House

You would know that it is a simpler card configuration and also comes higher in the poker hand ranking. You have to arrange the cards in the formation of 3+2 in the game. There should be three similar cards of one rank and also another two similar cards of some different rank. The full house could be a game changer for you once you get a pro with the poker online game. The probability and chances of getting a full house in the game is 0.01441% in the game.


In this, it has five cards of the same suit without any poker sequence for the game. If some of the players get a flush in the poker game then the winner would be decided on the basis of card rankings only! The chances of having a flush poker in the game is 0.1965% among all the poker hands. So, what about having the flush in the poker game? It can be one game changer too if you play it correctly.


In this you would have five cards of the different suits that has to be arranged in a perfect numerical poker sequence. If you find one special case in which the ace can act both as the high or low card that depends on the cards it is placed with. You have 0.3925% chances of getting a straight in the game.

Three of a Kind

It is one simple configuration of the cards in the poker game online. It generally involves three cards of the same ranking and also two of the random cards that are not related with that. This can be used as a tie-breaker in the poker game. So, have a good one!

Two Pair

It has two cards of the same rank and then another two cards would come from the same rank that matches each other but not the first pairs only, besides there is one more card not of either card.


In this, there are two matches cards, that comes from the same rank and then there are three random side cards as well. This one is quite common to find in the poker game and Omaha’s hand rankings as well.

High Card

It can be simply any card that does not come under any of the categories that we talked about. You can break the deadlock and also come out with the winner if there is any tie. If there are some identical cards then the second card would be taken into account in that matter.

Poker Sequence FAQ:

Which one is the rarest poker hand?

You should know that the Royal Flush is the rarest poker hand that you could have in the poker game. After that, it is straight flush which is very difficult to have in the game.

Can 5 of a kind beat the royal flush in the poker game?

It is also a highest poker hand and has the capability to beat the royal flush as well in the game.

Which is the most powerful card in the poker game?

Ace is the most powerful and strongest card in the poker game.