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Founded in 2017

Founded in 2017, Dangal Games is an online gaming technology company. PokerDangal became the opening chapter of its success story when it was founded by a group of enterprising Poker enthusiasts with a vision to transform & redefine skill gaming for the Indian circuits. As an unprecedented phenomenon, the app made it to the top 5 online Poker apps in India within a span of a few months.
In September 2020, Dangal Games ventured into Rummy with RummyDangal, reaching a 5 Lac+ user base within 6 months. June 2021 saw the launch of the fantasy gaming app: FantasyDangal which proved to be a sensation among the masses, adding 5 Lac+ users in just 3 months.
After establishing a stronghold in the hearts of players all across the country, the unified gaming app — Dangal Games, was launched. Within no time it registered immense popularity with the home audience, reaching a user base of 10 lakhs+. This extraordinary feat was made possible by its benchmark easy-to-play ecosystem with a strong emphasis on AI-based safest security gateways.

Trust of Players

Dangal Games has always sensed & played by the pulse of its community of players. Their biggest needs -- trust of 100% safety & hassle-free withdrawals -- have shaped everything at the brand starting from product design to market strategies, to the delivery of highly intuitive gaming interfaces. The never-ending quest of Dangal Games to bring out a wide range of stimulating & accessible online gaming formats which suit all categories of Game-Players led to its remarkable rise in the Indian masses.


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